Welcome to Place du Parc

The best off-campus student housing for Bishop’s University and Champlain College

Since 1989, Place du Parc has been one of the most convenient and affordable student housing solutions. Situated in heart of the Sherbrooke Student Village, Place du Parc has many apartments of various sizes and houses available for rent that are only minutes away from campus and from all major amenities. It is the perfect off-campus home.



All of our apartments and houses are centrally located between the schools and all the local business. Everything is a short walk away and the bus stop is outside the door if you need to go into the city.

Comfortable student housing


We offer a range of different apartments and houses with multiple rooms. Whether you are looking to share with roomates or just want some extra space to yourself, we have something for you.

Affordable student housing


Getting your very own apartment can be exciting for students.Living in off-campus housing can be a less expensive option compared to living in the dorm. We are priced for students on budget.

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